[Org: IEEE] Job: Iraq Section Vice Chair
Jan 2018–Dec 2019
Exhibit highest standards of collaboration and collegiality.
Prepare for, attend, and actively participate in all meetings of the Section Executive Committee.
Be informed of the IEEE and its business, including its mission, services, policies and programs.
Spend sufficient time and energy to be familiar with matters requiring the Section’s Executive Committee attention.
Identify potential individuals to serve in this position at completion of our term of office and act as mentor to successor.
Suggest potential nominees to the Section Nominating Committee who can make a significant contribution to the work of the Section and the IEEE.
Establish effective systems for the periodic and timely reporting to the Section Executive Committee of important matters concerning the following:
•          Conference Activities within the Section.
•          Potential opportunities for increased member engagement in forming additional Technical Chapters or Affinity Groups within the Section.
•          Educational Activities – encourage and promote IEEE Educational programs (http://www.ieee.org/education) to the members and/or public.
•          Student Branches Activities – Encourage student member participation in Section events and/or provide support for local Student Branch activities.
•          Awards & Recognition – encourage and promote the submission of nominations for the IEEE Awards at the Section and IEEE level (IEEE Awards Board, MGA, Educational Activities).
Provide leadership in the association’s statement of vision, mission, and goals, and the corresponding strategies, plans, and budgets to achieve them.
Oversee Management of the Section: oversee the management of the Section, and in so doing, serve the best interests of the IEEE, its members and the public.
Review IEEE documents as they relate to the position of Section Chair, including IEEE Bylaws, IEEE Manual Policy, IEEE Financial Operations Manual and the MGA Operations Manual.    
[Org: IEEE] Job: Iraq Section Membership Development Officer
Jan 2016–Dec 2017
Membership development is a vital function of IEEE.
Members are important because their involvement helps to underwrite student memberships and the educational programs, thus facilitating the growth and knowledge among the technical professions, it includes:
•          Monitoring a current record of membership.
•          Cultivation of prospect lists for membership.
•          Receiving mailings of membership materials from IEEE Operations Center.
•          Communicating regularly with the Regional or Society Membership Development Officer.
•          Displaying program, soliciting materials for exhibits, identifying volunteers to staff booth.
•          Analyzing membership information and trends to identify membership problems and opportunities.
•          Developing a local Membership Development plan and/or plan of Membership Development activities.
•          Coordinating membership exhibits for local meetings and conferences, including but not limited to use of IEEE Cooperative.
•          Providing quarterly membership status report with recommendations to Regional or Society Membership Development Officer.
•          Working with other volunteer leaders to develop, execute and monitor plans and goals for membership, growth, retention, and recovery.
•          Optimizing local recruitment efforts by ensuring that Membership Development activities parallel headquarters’ programs and processes.
•          Ensure adequate supplies of membership development materials are available for distribution at appropriate venues within your entity (chapter meetings, conferences, job fairs, etc).
[Org: IEEE] Job: Young Professional Committee Vice Chair
Jan 2014–Dec 2019
Creates the high-level event plan for the year.
Chairs all board and executive committee meetings.
Works with the Treasurer to build the budget for the next year.
Creates an environment to train and develop future IEEE leaders.
Works with event leads and the Vice Chair to finalize all event details.
Shall identify and develop potential future volunteer leaders for the initiative.
Works with the Secretary to notify officers of meetings, agenda, and location.
Delegates responsibilities to ensure successful event planning and execution.
Coordinates with the other officers of the IEEE Iraq Section and IEEE Region 8.
Works with the Vice Chair and Treasurer to obtain yearly corporate sponsorship.
Works with the Director of Membership and Vice Chair to increase membership.
Works with the organizational units on revisions to operations manuals and charters.
Works with the Director of Communications to promote all events in a timely manner.
Works with the Director of Membership and Vice Chair to connect with other organizations.
Works with the Director of Outreach and Vice Chair to coordinate with collaborating non-profits.
Guides IEEE Iraq Young Professionals towards the vision by adhering to the mission statement.
Works with the Director of Communications and Vice Chair to send monthly List Serve newsletters.
Shall supervise the affairs of the initiative and shall speak for Entrepreneurship on all matters not specifically delegated to others.
Shall be empowered to determine and appoint the steering committees chairs as required to conduct business, and outreach functions for the initiative in accordance with appropriate IEEE bylaws and procedures.
Organization Business Solutions like innovation Ideas, analysis, plan a strategy, design architecture, build a clear road-map, monitor required systems and develop the whole institute with new ideas to work with all kind of societies.
Acts as the “face” of IEEE Iraq Young Professionals to speakers, sponsors, and the section by presenting and protecting the image of IEEE Iraq Young Professionals and by being ultimately responsible for all IEEE Iraq Young Professional events.
[Org: IEEE] Job: Iraq Section Secretary
Jan 2014–Dec 2015
Assists president with meeting protocol.
Supervises keeping of records required by law.
Attends meetings of the IEEE Board of Directors.
Ensures the safe keeping and accuracy of all Board records.
Prepares annual report on membership, meetings and activities.
Reviews and recommends approval of minutes of the IEEE Board of Directors.
Provides notice of meetings of the Board and/or of a committee when such notice is required.
Ensures all governing documents are in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
Understands current issues and their complexities and provides sound counsel to the IEEE President and other Board members.
Works with the organizational units on revisions to operations manuals and charters to assure compliance with the law and IEEE’s governing documents.
[Org: ACDI/VOCA] Job: IT Consultant
Oct 2012–Nov 2014
• Assist in the development and deployment of new IT-based systems.
• Provide primary managerial oversight for IT staff in ACDI/VOCA-BPCS offices.
• Assist with procurement of IT-related equipment for both internal and project use.
• Ensure that all staff within the IT team understands their individual and collective responsibilities.
• Troubleshooting network equipment including establishment of a V-Sat internet system for Erbil guesthouses.
• Configure, install, and maintain network infrastructure and systems in current and new ACDI/VOCABPCS offices.
Provide technical services for the BPCS and Marla Fund programs as appropriate in a timely and effective manner.
• Establishment of a backup server to support the main AV-Iraq server in case of facing any hardware/software problems.
• Provide regular reports to the Country 3/8 Director on all IT-related issues, including possible solutions for problems identified.
• Provide consultancy-type technical assistance support for the program staff and prepare bill of quantities (BOQ) for the IT-related projects, i.e. concerning both partners and Marla Fund, among others.
• Provide support and guidance to all staff to ensure all IT-related activities are compliant with ACDI/VOCA IT operating procedures and regulations (and those of ACDI/VOCA Headquarters, where applicable).
• Ensure proper preventive maintenance servicing of the office server system and internet system and when necessary provide a quick and proper response in solving server and internet problems in order not to disrupt the work of staff.
• Other responsibilities of a reasonable nature, as identified by the CD, that are not explicitly incorporated within the Job Description but deemed necessary in order to facilitate the provision of necessary support in the accomplishment of program objectives.

[Org: IEEE] Job: Iraq Section Treasurer
Jan 2011–Dec 2013
Prepares the budget for the next year.
Makes sure that money is NOT an issue.
Records and reconciles all financial activity.
Submitting the annual financial report (L50).
Keeps the corporate sponsorship package up-to-date.
Presents the annual budget to the Board for approval.
Keeping Treasurer records and financial data up-to-date.
Helps officers submit reimbursement forms to the section.
Working to developing a budget and monitoring adherence to it.
Tracking the accuracy of the amounts of all income and expenses.
Reporting financial status at the monthly Section ExCom meeting.
Recommends members for appointment to the Investment Committee.
Works with the Chair and Vice Chair to obtain yearly corporate sponsorship.
Acts as the “bookkeeper” by maintain financial records and facilitating the flow of money.
Communicates with the Section Treasurer to request reimbursements, double-check the current balance, and obtain documentation for payments (e.g. tax ID and credit card info)
Monitor and manage all funding materiel and money issue as well as accounting and development of financial reporting for IEEE Iraq Section activities, membership registration, universities, graduated startup business and training courses, investment and entrepreneurship ecosystem for Region 8 (Africa, Europe and Middle East).